Apprendre le thaï - Cours de langue thaï
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Témoignages sur le programme ThaiTrainer111

Je vous écris car je suis très content de la mise à jour du programme Thaitrainer V4.4. C’est un excellent travail. J’avais acheté la précédente version en 2005 et c’est très bien que les mises à jour soient gratuites. J’aime votre pays et votre langue et votre logiciel m’a beaucoup aidé à pouvoir parler en voyage avec vos compatriotes. Encore une fois, merci beaucoup.

...Ceci dit,vous etes les seuls que je connaisse a avoir fait la demarche de faire un logiciel franco-thai aussi complet. Un grand merci a vous car grace a vous je peux mieux comprendre ma future epouse.
,F. Amities

...Thank you for your emai.I have had fun learing Thai for some years now and your software is really helpful I am just a slow learner....
M. Moran

...Thanks so much for your assistance. The software is excellent and your customer service is fantastic!...
S. Wagstaff

...Thank You very much, It works Great...
R. W. Burbine

...If you could advise me, the programme is excellent...
 M. Foster

...I would also like to add that I think you have made an excellent programme,...
...but hearing the words and seeing the pictures makes a big difference to learning,..
I. Boyes

...Thankyou for your excellent programme.  It has taken me 18 months to
complete all 90 lessons and I am now able to communicate effectively with
Thai people who speak no or little English.  I would like to continue to
study Thai and find the computer method employed by you with pictures to be
the most effective and interesting...
M. Walker

...It is excellent and works fine...
B. Cogswell

...It works fine, and is a great help !...
 K. Vlaminck

...I purchased your Thai Trainer 111 language program a few years ago and have found it be one of the best language learning programs available...

...I bought the Thai trainer from you last year and It was great...
M. Bradley

...two months ago (Dec `01) I downloaded your Thai Trainer 111. I can not tell you how quickly I began saying things in Thai which I  couldn't say before. Not just single words, but complete sentences, which I now use on phone calls to my lady-friends back in Bangkok. And, they understand what I am saying.....NOW...Your program is easier and never confusing...
M. Hayes

...Anyway I think the Thai trainer is pertty cool software....
P. Hiross

... from my point of view you certainly have a great product...
M. Clarke

...I am using the THAITRAINER111. Especially, the DICTIONARY I am using with great pleasure, because it also provides the PRONONCIATION...
O Keegel

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